Gun Control Groups are a “One Trick Pony”

All of the gun safety control organizations have something in common.  They only advocate for one form of gun control, abstinence.

Ban private sales (criminals buy guns, they don’t steal them), ban guns in cars (criminals will steal them), ban modern (newer than 1920) (scary assault) rifles, ban concealed carry (secret invisible guns), ban open carry (scary visible guns), ban unregistered (scary ghost) guns, ban long-range (sniper) rifles, ban short-range (cop killer) rifles, ban high-capacity firearms (over 6 rounds), ban inexpensive firearms (Saturday night specials), ban suppressors (assassins), ban large calibers (anti-aircraft canon), ban small calibers (no good for hunting)…  I could do this all day.

Imagine if M.A.D.D. went to congress and told them to ban alcohol (because there are drunk drivers), ban SUVs (because there are drunk drivers), make everyone install a breathalyzer on their car’s ignition (because there are drunk drivers), ban small cars (because there are drunk drivers), ban large cars (because there are drunk drivers), ban pickup trucks (because there are drunk drivers). I could do this all day too.

Instead, M.A.D.D.  said, “let’s focus on the drunk driver”… not the drink, the sober driver, the intoxicated taxi patron, or the vehicle.  People got behind them and they were highly effective at passing common sense laws that save lives without attacking regular drivers, responsible drinkers, or their cars.

The current crop of “Gun Safety” organization has zero interest in promoting actual gun safety or preventing violent crime.  Instead of focusing on the violent criminal or even the criminally reckless recreational shooter, they pretend that non-gun related violence does not exist and focus on ridding the world of the gun and criminalizing responsible gun ownership.

Imagine a Moms group demanding that people with driver’s licenses be prohibited from drinking and demanding that people who drink have their cars taken away.  It’s almost laughable, but this would even make more sense than want the gun control lobby is actually trying to do.  To continue the analogy, these demanding moms are trying to ban each type of booze, ban each type of car, and lock up anyone who owns either.

They have become the proverbial “One Trick Pony” of the public policy world by working to enact a myriad of flavors of gun prohibition rather than working on reducing criminal violence.

If these organizations would focus on reducing the criminal use of violence rather than trying to ban my firearms, ammunition, and right to carry…  I’d help them.  I do a lot of legislative work on reducing the criminal use of violence and educating the public on firearms safety.

Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Control, Everytown for Gun Control, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, League of Women Voters, etc…  When are you going to help with legislation to stop violent criminals?  Or is it just that you have an irrational aversion to lawful gun ownership and want to ban my guns and make me a criminal for having them?

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