You know you’ve done something right when Media Matters attacks you

The anti-gun disinformation service, Media Matters, is spending some of its $400,000 Joyce Foundation anti-gun grant money to go in to spin mode against little ole’ me and protect Joyce/George Soros’ MAIG City Gun Control Czars from me shining the light on them.

I have arrived!

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2 Responses to You know you’ve done something right when Media Matters attacks you

  1. SiGraybeard says:

    Cool! Congratulations, Sean. You are living rent free in their heads.

    As somebody said, “It’s better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable”.

  2. dsd says:

    keep up the good work, I just found your site a week or two ago and passed it along to everyone I know…

    saw this today – the orlando sentinel has a story on it

    I looked up Linda Vaugn’s Resume – here’s one of her bragging points – also lots of liberal buzzwords like “close the terror gap”…

    “Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence – 2001-2004: Southeast U. S. Regional Director (thirteen states) for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Key issues included closing the gun show loop hole, the Assault Weapons Ban, gun trafficking, conceal carry, gun purchase data collection and others.”

    I cannot understand how people like our law enforement, military, or politicians including Mayor Buddy Dyer who have sworn to uphold and defend the US Constitution cannot see the actions of Linda and organizations like MAIG are contradictory and exactly what was mind when “against all enemies foreign and domestic” was termed – these people are domestic enemies who are trying to destroy our country from the inside while blinded by their liberal bias and ignorance.

    here’s Linda’s resume for those interested in what has been let into Orlando government (interestingly the .doc format of her resume has been taken down within the past week) I guess already trying to hide who she is when the lights are turned on.$FILE/LindaVaughn resume.pdf

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