Scope bases, to bed or not to bed.

The last time I had to ask myself whether or not to bed (insert noun), I was a young single man.

Resigned to the fact that factory rifle actions are not usually micrometer true, I sat down in front of my new Remington 700P with the new scope base rail, thin feeler gauges, some paper, paydoh, kiwi polish, JB Weld, and a torque driver ready to get to work bedding the base.

Snugged down the front of the base, and nothing fit under the back. Crap, going to have to bed the front and loose a little bit of my 20 MOA… Right?

Pulled the front screws and snugged down the back of the rail. Neither paper nor my smallest gauge would go under the front either.

Could it be true? The receiver is completely true?

So I just torqued all of the screws down to spec, payed with my playdoh for a while, shined some neglected boots, and put everything else back in the tool box.

Did I miss something?

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