Spend half of a Billion dollars to not arrest 5,319 criminals?

Florida’s Law abiding Concealed Carry Licensees are forced to spend approximately $101,000 per unqualified individual that the licensing scheme stops from getting a license to carry.

Criminals do not generally apply for concealed carry licenses.  Time has proved beyond all reasonable argument that he program is not necessary and represents an over half-billion dollar burden that has been placed on those good people who choose to exercise their right to bear arms over the past 25 years in this state.

Only 0.2% of applications are denied due to prior commission of a crime.

Nearly 2/3 of all denials are because of clerical errors in the application, not due to a prohibited individual applying for a license.

Applications Received: 2,311,775 (As of Sep 30 2012)
Applications Denied: 16,052 = 5,319 Due to Criminal History + 10,733 Due to Incomplete Application

License & Fingerprint Processing = $117 ($112 as of this year)
Fingerprinting Services = $5 (average)
Passport Sized Photos = $15 (average)
Notary Service = $20 (average)
Training = $75 (average)

Average Cost for a license to exercise a fundamental right: $232 ($227 now)

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1 Response to Spend half of a Billion dollars to not arrest 5,319 criminals?

  1. SiGraybeard says:

    Actually – that 0.2% of applicants are denied is not the part of the story I find most impressive.

    The percentage of Florida CWFL licenses revoked due to crime with that gun is 0.008% – 8 thousandths of 1%. From “Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer ServicesDivision of Licensing – Concealed Weapon or Firearm LicenseSummary ReportOctober 1, 1987 – June 30, 2012”

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