Who needs facts when you have poster board?

This is why we win.  We can document our facts through independent and peer-reviewed sources.  The anti-gun crowd just writes stuff down and then cites it as “fact”.

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4 Responses to Who needs facts when you have poster board?

  1. Freiheit says:

    Yes I care. Thats why I own and carry guns. I arm myself with the tools to stop evil, you just have a sign.

  2. Alan Rose says:

    Any counter protest to an anti-gun rally only needs one sign. “PROVE IT.”

  3. NotClauswitz says:

    She can have her own opinion, but she doesn’t get to have her own Facts…

  4. maddmedic says:

    And when those whom do not follow any rules approach them..I hope that sign is bullet proof!!!

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