Zombie attack in Miami?

Naked Man Allegedly Eating Victims Face Shot And Killed By Miami Police.

Does Hornady know something I don’t?

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7 Responses to Zombie attack in Miami?

  1. Miguel says:

    I live in Miami and there are 25 AK mags loaded & ready, every 9 mm mag in the house is topped off and two .357 Mag revolvers with 10 speedloaders ready to sing.

    It might be nothing, but I am not taking chances. 🙂

  2. Crazy much? says:

    First off, “there are 25 AK mags loaded…” implies they loaded themselves. Don’t you mean to say you’ve loaded your magazines? Take some ownership of your actions. Remember, you are responsible for the resting place of any round that leaves a gun fired by you.

    Secondly, I’m more worried about who is going to protect us against you than the zombies. It sounds like you’ve got an more guns than brain cells.

  3. Sean Caranna says:

    More worried about a lawful gun owner than a naked guy eating people on the streets of Miami who had to be SHOT to stop him?

    That’s crazy…

  4. Chris says:

    Miguel, I can only aspire to such a large arsenal. I can only claim 5 loaded AK mags, 8 loaded 9mm mags, and one loaded back-up .380.
    As for this cannibalism on the streetside, that’s a little worrisome.

  5. Crazy much? says:

    I never personally known anyone to be attacked by a “zombie”, and only a handful of police officers who have had run-ins with a drug-crazed man to the point that they had to use their gun to defend themselves or another.

    However, I have known more than one person who has been killed “accidently” by a legal gun owner whose arrogance and over-eagerness lead to death from simple stupidity and irresponsibility, either by shooting when there were still other options or by releasing an AD (accidental discharge) into a target they didn’t want dead.

    As a highly trained gun owner who practices prudent safety, I’d rather take my chances with a “zombie” than some stranger who doesn’t think 5 loaded AK mags, 8 loaded 9mm mags, and one loaded back-up .380. is a large enough “arsenal”, or anyone or feels the need to own an “arsenal”, for that matter.

    “Legal gun owners” and “responsible gun owners” are two separate beasts, apparently. Your comments suggest you are children playing with toys (“I wish I had as many GI Joes…err, guns…as you do — you’re so cool with your AKs!”), not men taking personal responsibility for their ability and capability to kill another that comes with legal gun ownership and proper training.

    Just my opinion, and I’m done wasting my time with you. Good luck to you all! Always be aware of your backdrop!

    Never forget: You are personally responsible for the resting point of every bullet that leaves your gun(s), so don’t point it/them at anything you don’t want dead.

  6. Steve Nathan says:

    You have no comment on the story at all, you just want to put your 2 cents in a conversation about guns. next time have something important to say. and just for your information, we all know there are no zombies, he is just pointing out..that .0000001% chance it was a zombie…he is ready. and by the way, zombies are real, they are recorded in history. look it up. im not making that up.

  7. Crazy much? says:

    “and just for your information, we all know there are no zombies…and by the way, zombies are real,”

    Okay. I rest my point.

    Keep building your “arsenals”, but just keep them pointed away from my direction.

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