Robb Allen reports on pro-gun progress, forces me to check dictionary.

Florida Carry’s very own Robb Allen is getting the word out about Miami being forced, by us, to repeal its gun control laws.

With great power comes great schadenfreude

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2 Responses to Robb Allen reports on pro-gun progress, forces me to check dictionary.

  1. Robb Allen says:

    Hey, I’m finally to the point where I can spell schadenfreude without looking it up. I’m proud of myself!

  2. Sean Caranna says:

    From, Meeting Minutes, City of Miami, Nov 17th 2011.

    Chair Gort: SR.2.

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: I thought we talked about SR.2. I wanted to table this until — yeah, until the legislative agenda.


    Ms. Thompson: I just want to remind you. SR.2 is still out there.

    Chair Gort: Okay.

    Ms. Thompson: That was the one —

    Vice Chair Carollo: Defer it.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: Yeah, let’s defer.

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: Okay. Can we defer the –?
    I would love to defer it, and hopefully by then you guys can tell me if it’s possible about the gun issue.

    Chair Gort: Which is SR.2?

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: The guns in the park.
    Unidentified Speaker: The gun in the parks.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: We don’t have much of a choice in the matter. We really don’t. We’re about to get sued.

    Chair Gort: Motion to defer.

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: No, we’re not.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: Yeah. There’s a Fort Lauderdale lawyer that put us on notice. (Florida Carry’s Attorney, Robert Fast)

    Chair Gort: We have to, yes.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: We don’t have a choice. It’s screwed up… but we don’t have a choice.

    Chair Gort: — SR.2.

    George Wysong, assistant City attorney, City of Miami.:
    We’re respectfully asking you to approve SR.2 for no other reason than to protect my Commissioners here because the statute essentially goes after the Commissioners. It says that you’re subject to a $5,000 fine. The City cannot expend public funds to defend you. And ultimately, it could be removal from office…
    That is the power that this Florida Carry group has.

    Mr. Wysong: — all we’re doing is repealing two ordinances in the City Commission. One of them is already covered in the Florida state statutes. The issue of the guns in park, Chapter 790.06(12) has a list of 13 locations that even if you have a concealed weapons permit, you can’t take a gun, and that’s the one I gave this reference to Kirk earlier when you brought your item up and suggested that that’s where the amendment would go, saying that guns should not be permissible in a park. I think a lot of communities around the state of Florida have pushed back on that very issue, and maybe we’ll get some traction on that item. — So, for the time being, we would ask you to approve SR.2.

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: Right.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: Move SR.2.
    Chair Gort: It’s been moved. Is there a second?

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: No.
    Ms. Thompson: Yes.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: Sorry.[To Commissioner Spence-Jones]
    Commissioner Sarnoff: Second.
    Ms. Thompson: Thank you.
    Commissioner Sarnoff: You’re welcome.

    Commissioner Spence-Jones: Register D5 (District 5) as a no on that.
    Ms. Thompson: Wait, wait.
    Commissioner Sarnoff: No, we haven’t voted yet.
    Commissioner Spence-Jones: Oh, okay.

    Commissioner Sarnoff: Well, wait. I might join you… and then we’ll all get sued.

    The Ordinance was read by title into the public record by Assistant City Attorney George Wysong.

    Roll call vote on second reading.:
    Commissioner Spence-Jones: No.
    Commissioner Sarnoff: Yes.
    Commissioner Suarez: Yes.
    Chair Gort: Yes.
    Ordinance was adopted on second reading, 3-1.

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