Florida Local politicians bemoan having to obey state law after 24 years of violations

Aaron Campbell, vice mayor of Miami Gardens, where last week two unarmed people were shot dead while filling up at a gas station, said: “This probably passed because of someone from the NRA, someone who doesn’t care about urban conditions. It’s sad that a piece of legislation can pass like this.”
via Local gun bans falling under Florida law – UPI.com.

Aaron you could be more off base.  Florida’s 24 year old firearms preemption law was made to protect the good, law abiding, people of Florida.  Now some local politicians are upset because they can no longer break state law and violate people’s civil rights with impunity.

I grew up largely in “Urban Conditions” where carry by citizens was completely banned.  It was dangerous throughout large parts of Houston and Corpus Christi when I was growing up.  Only the criminals were armed and the good, law abiding, people were helpless when faced down by a thug.  Texas did not pass concealed carry until 1996 after a horrific incident where defenseless people were executed by a madman.

Vice Mayor Campbell, your policies would only make good people unable to choose to defend themselves.  Or do you not care about innocent people being able to keep themselves alive in “urban conditions”?

I think Dr. Suzanna Hupp has a few words for politicians like you.  She’s an authority on the topic.  Policies like yours contributed to the murder of 23 people including her parents and almost her.

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