A Little Informal AR15 Muzzle Device Testing

Sig M400 with Birdcage A2 Comp – S&W M&P 15 with FSC556 – Bushmaster with VG6 Gamma and heavy buffer.

My new VG6 Epsilon was shipped today. I’ll be putting it on my new rifle build and doing a full review of it including a head-to-head comparison vs. the Primary Weapons Systems FSC556.

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Florida Carry Wins Right to Bear Arms in Cars at FL Universities

Much more to follow but here is the FL 1st DCA En Banc Decision: https://www.floridacarry.org/images/stories/UNF/Florida_Carry_v_UNF_1-DCA_Decision.pdf

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Latest Orlando MAIG public records are in.

It seems that Florida’s public records laws were a little too much for NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun Mayors Against ilLEGAL Guns to bear. At the end of her one year contract, the former Orlando city employee who actually worked for MAIG became a direct employee of MAIG.

Our latest sunshine law request resulted in the disclosure of many thousands of emails.  It also did not include documents that we have obtained from other sources that should have been included.  Yes, we’re prepping another lawsuit now.

One phrase is notably missing from the vast majority of MAIG’s communications… “Self Defense” – The topic of Self-Defense is like kryptonite to the gun-banners. They don’t want to be in the same room with it, much less touch it.

They talk about ergonomic features such as pistol grips that empower crazy drug addicted gun owners to accurately spray mass murder. They lament that only Federal Gun Control will work in Florida due to firearms preemption and a Legislature that isn’t buying the BS they’re selling. Then they turn around and rail against federal interference in state concealed carry laws that would be cause by federally mandated permit reciprocity. The cognitive dissonance of MAIG employees who actually take a moment to ponder this must cause blinding migraines.

They laugh that gun rights groups typically put out emails with so much text while they employ snazzy graphics and few words in theirs.  Style Over Substance!  Perhaps this sums them up best.

I think we all want the right to survive despite the evil that others would do upon the innocent; the gun prohibitionists just can’t figure out that limiting or banning legal firearm ownership is not going to keep criminals from victimizing people.

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Sometimes wins are what you don’t see happen.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been asked to comment on quite a few anti-gun “news” articles. It is notable how many have not been published after talking the writer through the logic of the situation or dispelling a false premise. In one case a reporter asked what could be done to keep a person from possessing a firearm who has not been convicted of any crime. My response was simple…

“A person charged with a violent or felony crime can be prohibited from possessing arms as a condition of bail. If someone is to be permanently deprived of a civil right, they must be convicted of a crime or found mentally defective by a court. Due process of law is a cornerstone of our justice system.”

Often an article is completely revised or just never published once you convince the writer that their initial premise is faulty.

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Art Hayhoe wants to see millions of gun owners unemployed.

We have met the enemy, and he is an idiot…  Something new for the Hay Hoe Files.

Rubio stirs debate on Obamacare, gun control – Sun Sentinel.

“I certainly don’t want someone convicted of identity theft to have access to my private medical data,” said Sean Caranna of Daytona Beach, executive director of Florida Carry, a gun-rights group. He went through a background check before working for a software company that serves hospitals.

But [Arthur Hayhoe, executive director of the Florida Coalition to Prevent Gun Violence.] and some fellow gun-control advocates have other worries.

“I’d be more concerned about whether these people [navigators] have concealed-weapons permits,” he said. “They shouldn’t be hired if they do. Of course, the NRA would scream and holler if that came about.”

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Just don’t come in last…

I can honestly say that I make some pretty good ribs.  My friends and family ask me to make them all the time.  But I don’t know if I’m ready for this.

City of South Daytona: / Document Center / Inaugural Backyard BBQ Competition.

My brother-in-law calls me yesterday needing backup for a BBQ competition that will drag my sorry arse out of bed at o-dark-I-haven’t-woken-up-this-early-since-the-Army.  One team, two pit-masters…  I may be in over my head this time.

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Finding more proof that MAIG is behind the Anti-Gun Rights Playbook

By now there aren’t too many people who read this blog that aren’t aware of the anti-gun playbook that was exposed a couple of months ago.  Buried in the emails that Florida Carry was able to obtain from Orlando and Cleveland’s MAIG operatives were clear ties to the firms that authored the anti-gun rights messaging manual.  There is a gun control playbook versus Washington gun owners – Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com.

We have new public record requests submitted and more will be coming to light soon.

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Ah, the prep work never ends.

Getting my remarks together for GRPC in Houston this weekend.  See you there.

Gun Rights Policy Conference – Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms.

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Unanimous Win for Open Carry Rights in MS Supreme Court


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Springfield XD-S Slamfire Recall

Springfield Armory ReCall Registration.

Looks like my XD-S is going back for some more love from the factory.  Sounds like there have been some slamfire malfunctions.

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“Kicks for Guns” giving out $50 Walmart gift cards to take toy guns off the streets!

What a great use of tax dollars to pay for taking 10 officers off the streets!

Amazon Price = $3.50

“Kicks for Guns” Police & Sheriff’s “Gun” Buy Program Value = $50.00

taking in 54 “guns”. About 10 officers, including Clermont Police Chief Charles Broadway, participated in the buyback.

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HB 4003 – The Home Invader and Carjacker Protection Act of 2014.

Tallahassee State Rep. Alan Williams (D) filed a bill, HB 4003, yesterday to repeal Florida Statute 776.013.  This irresponsible legislation would take away the right to defend yourself at the outset of a home invasion or carjacking.  It would eviscerate the castle doctrine protections in Florida statutes.  The bill would also repeal part of the “stand your ground” law that allows a person to defend themselves anywhere they have a right to be with a requirement that they attempt to outrun their attacker first.

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Pushin’ 40

There is an ace wrap, a knee brace, and a jar of Icy Hot sitting on my desk…   I must be getting older.

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MS Magnolia Bar Association – Gun bans OK today because slaves could not have guns

The Amicus Brief filed by Mississippi’s “Magnolia Bar Association” was the only anti-civil rights brief filed in the Mississippi Supreme court in the case against the State’s new “HB2″ Open Carry Law.  Their position is best summed up in their own words:

“Over the past two centuries, the right has also contained important limitations. Most notably, the right to bear arms was not enjoyed by all citizens until the late 20th century.

As a paramount matter, the right [to bear arms] has always been balanced against an overriding mandate to ensure the public safety. Further, for many decades, the right to bear arms was not allowed to African-Americans or to females.”

A nineteen year old African-American female then would not have in any way retained, enjoyed, or been able to exercise the “right to bear arms” in the earliest days of our State.

Nor were those enslaved in Mississippi treated with any measure of legal respect or rights, let alone the right to carry a pistol or sword with which they might protect themselves.
The opposite were true—that if a slave escaped, she would be hunted down. Indeed, state law at the time “expressly confers  the right; and the policy of the country, makes it the duty of every citizen to arrest a runaway slave.” Thompson v. Young, 1 George 17, 1855 WL 3957, *1 (Miss. Err. App. 1855). “It follows therefore, necessarily, that if any person, in essaying to capture  a runaway, shall meet with resistance, he may lawfully oppose force to force . . . .” Id.

Throughout the past 197 years, the Legislature has tightly controlled when a pistol or deadly weapon could be carried or used, and at all times was focused on maximizing the safety of the public and the public streets. Since 1880, when the precursor to the modern concealed carry law was first enacted, the Legislature has always banned carrying any deadly weapon when it was “concealed in whole or in part.” That public safety measure existed 133 years until eviscerated by HB2.


I encourage you to read their entire, despicable, brief.freepeople


“Today, the Magnolia Bar Association has a membership of over a hundred Black lawyers, some who are serving as judges, city prosecutors, assistant district attorneys, assistant attorney generals, legal service counselors and in other positions, and many who are engaged in the private practice of law.” See here

Now they say that we should take away the rights that people enjoy today and return them to the status of slaves?


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New Florida Carry Court Victory


Daytona Beach, FL - A Florida court on Tuesday ordered the Daytona Beach Police Department to return all property it seized from A.B., Florida Carry, Inc.’s co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against the City of Daytona Beach, its mayor and chief of police. A.B., an honorably discharged combat vet, called a veteran’s assistance hotline for someone to talk to. While the VA hotline worker did the right thing by having the police come out and check the situation, the police went too far.  After he was taken in to custody and separated from his firearms, the police officers searched his home without a warrant or any exigent circumstance and illegally seized $20,000 worth of his firearms, bows, arrows, ammo, and first aid and protective equipment. Included was the Japanese Arisaka rifle that his grandfather brought back from WWII and the medical shears that this patriot used to cut two fellow Infantrymen from a HMMWV during an IED attack.

Unfortunately several of the firearms, including the irreplaceable Japanese heirloom war trophy, were damaged due to careless storage. The wood stocks were gouged and scratched, metal surfaces were marred, and the guns developed significant rusting. Some even had parts missing. Unlike firearms taken as evidence which are carefully and individually packaged to preserve them for use in court, these firearms were simply tossed on a shelf and ignored, left to be ravaged by humidity. The department also seized a plate carrier with a pouch originally containing an iPod Touch which mysteriously went missing.

During the hearing, the city failed to offer any evidence of unsound mind, which was their alleged basis for seizing the property, ironically for “safekeeping.” Furthermore the city ignored that Sec. 790.17, Florida Statutes, does not grant them any authority to seize or keep property in these circumstances, as affirmed in an opinion published by the Florida Attorney General and courts statewide. The city also ignored the language of the Baker Act itself which prohibits any loss of constitutional rights by individuals who are examined under the Baker Act. The city however claimed that veterans who are suspected of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder should not have their firearms returned to them, deeming them to be of unsound mind, assuming the role of competent medical authority and snubbing the opinion of professionals who actually perform Baker Act evaluations.

Incredibly, one firearm in particular was returned in pristine condition, apparently being properly stored and cared for – an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle. Could it be that someone in the Daytona Beach police department was hoping to have this firearm forfeited by A.B. so it could be used as their new patrol rifle? One has to wonder.

The case now moves onto the next phase, where the court will consider the allegation that the city willfully and knowingly violated the state firearms law preemption statute which expressly forbids any government entity from promulgating and enforcing a rule that regulates firearms, as well as the compensation due the plaintiffs.

“As long as law enforcement agencies continue to violate the law, Florida Carry will continue to pursue them for their violations” said Eric Friday, Lead Counsel for Florida Carry and A.B.

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USF student walking cross country saves himself with firearm

USF student completes cross-country walking odyssey | Breaking Tampa Bay, Florida and national news and weather from Tampa Bay Online and The Tampa Tribune | TBO.com.

TAMPA — Long before he stumbled onto Laguna Beach, Calif., before he was nearly mugged by a street gang in Albuquerque, N.M. and way before he was rousted by the cops in Amarillo, Texas, Harrison Milanian thought to himself: “What the heck am I doing? I could die out here.”

But he didn’t. He braved desert hail storms that ripped up his tent, endured quirky looks from passers-by and withstood a myriad of other obstacles on his walk from Tallahassee to the sparkling Pacific Ocean, emerging victorious in his pilgrimage, a better person for the effort.

In Albuquerque, N.M., he was approached by a half-dozen members of a street gang, who began yelling at him to get off their sidewalk. They got belligerent, refusing to let him pass. “They just exploded in anger,” he said. He was reluctant to say what exactly happened next.

“I have a concealed weapons permit,” was all he would say, “And I took care of the situation. I let them in on a little secret. I was carrying.”

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Starbucks customers unfazed by gun rights supporters.

Starbucks customers unfazed by gun rights supporters | News 13.

No Florida open carriers came out to the Starbucks support thing today. I guess the reporters missed the memo that OC is illegal here.

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Florida Carry files amicus supporting MS Open Carry law

Because sometimes just shouting “Shall not be infringed!” is not enough. (usually)

Briefs filed in MS Supreme Court supporting Mississippi’s “HB2″ Open Carry law (in docketed order):
Florida Carry, Inc. - Florida Carry Amicus Brief
National Rifle Association - NRA Amicus Brief
Citizen Supporters of HB2 - Citizen Supporters of HB2 Amicus Brief
80 Named MS Legislators - Named MS Legislators Amicus Brief
MS Governor Phil Bryant - Gov. Bryant Amicus Brief

Only one of the briefs failed to recognize that the legislators do not have the constitutional authority to ban open carry. Hint: it was not the legislators’ brief.

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Florida Carry Sues Citrus County Florida Deputy Andy Cox For Violation of Gun Owner’s Rights

Remember this?

{Video} “I don’t care if he has a permit or not.” – Citrus County Florida Deputy Andy Cox Jails Lawful Gun Owner | All Nine Yards.

We just filed a Federal Civil Rights lawsuit about the incident.

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No person should be required to turn their back on a criminal attack.

No person should be required to turn their back on a criminal attack. We call on you to “Stand Your Ground” and protect the right of the law abiding people to defend themselves.

Please sign our petition to protect Florida Self Defense laws.


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