That does it – Tampa, you crossed the line.

Since 2010 Florida Carry members have been going fishing and lawfully open carrying in Florida. There has NEVER been a real problem until now.

Last weekend one of our members was detained for over an hour and had a trespass notice issued to him for an entire year from a public fishing area. His alleged indiscretion was that he is a gun owner, he was NOT breaking any law.

When officers of the Tampa Police Department realized that they could not arrest a member of Florida Carry, who has a carry license, for lawfully carrying an unconcealed firearm while fishing, after physically battering him, the Tampa PD trespassed him from the public park for one year.

This is the same park that we have often used as a venue for our MONTHLY Open Carry Fishing Events since 2010 and with the full knowledge of the City of Tampa.

This is no more justifiable than trespassing a hunter for carrying a gun while lawfully hunting on public lands would be.  In fact, it is less justifiable because the abuse of our member was done in retaliation for his exercise of free speech, the right of assembly, the right of association, and the right to bear arms.

This demands action, LAWSUIT TO FOLLOW…

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18 Responses to That does it – Tampa, you crossed the line.

  1. Terrance Power says:

    Interesting. Illegal detention among other things. When is the next fishing event? Sounds like we need a nice crowd there.

  2. John says:

    The police officer doesn’t like something he makes up his own laws and you will pay. I doubt a healthy suit will solve this but have at it, donation coming this afternoon.

  3. Steve Merrette says:


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  5. Eric D says:

    Gather your friends for the crowds during the next fishing event!

  6. CJ Grisham says:

    We had the same problem here in Texas with law enforcement that didn’t like us exercising our rights so they arrested us on trespassing on public property. What did we do? We upped our game and did it MORE. And we did it everywhere.

    I recommend going to the media, holding a much bigger rally at that same pier, and make Tampa the center of the universe for a bit. Do an open records request and demand copies of the reports and any audio or video, to include 911 tapes. Use this as a rallying cry to get others angry and enegaged.

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  8. Larry craft says:

    Donate coming

  9. Sounds like a fun case for a civil rights lawyer!

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  11. Tampa Police Department says:

    Hello Chris,

    It was an error on the officers’ part. The trespass warning will be rescinded and we are working to contact Mr. Freeman’s to apologize to him.

    Officers are being reminded that open carry of a firearm while fishing is legal in Florida.

    • Ripp Montoya says:

      Sorry, TPD, an error would be giving the wrong driving directions, or recommending nightcrawlers as bait for saltwater.
      I have friends and family on the force, and I stand with the good guys, but an officer who assaults and oppresses a citizen under color of authority EVEN ONCE should be prosecuted. There is a higher obligation and a higher standard to be held to that comes with the badge. If a citizen acted in a similar manner would TPD not arrest him for assault, battery, and kidnapping or something similar? Or would an apology make it all better?

  12. superpoof says:

    Tampa PD admits error,and wishes to apologize for it.Fine.What about the illegal detention,and physical battery? If this were a citizen, they would be charged with false imprisonment,and assault. And I’m pretty sure if the citizen apologized for this,all would not be forgiven. Hold the cop accountable for his actions. What he did would be criminal if he didn’t wear a badge.

    • Ripp Montoya says:

      superpoof, you got the same response I did, jack-nothin. We won’t get one either.
      Tens of thousands of HR departments out there in the business world would send this guy packing, but making it through the academy seems to make some real PoS’s, at the very worst, like that cousin or uncle that the whole family knows should be locked up or exiled , but is still at every get-together because, well, “He’s family.”

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