Maggie’s Drawers were a flyin’

Last weekend I headed off to the range intent on getting the new rifle broken in a bit and zeroed.



Having already eyeballed a bore sight in my back yard and with the assistance of another shooter who offered to spot for me getting the initial adjustments only took two rounds. A few rounds more at the dirt and a quick swab of the barrel then another 40 rounds to get some copper in the bore.

Then it was time to get a solid zero.


At 0.68 MOA I’ll take it for a first outing. However, the range session made it clear that I had a problem. I could have a good steady cheek weld or I could look through my scope; not both. I was also spending a lot of time getting my rear bag readjusted for each shot, it was just setup too loose.

The bag is a minor inconvenience that was easy to correct with the help of Uncle Ben and his famous rice. This has the added benefit of making me ready to augment any wild jambalaya I may find in the field. (It could happen)

The absence of cheek weld is a major issue. So, Bradley Adjustable Cheek Rest to the rescue.


When I initially ordered my cheek rest I goofed up the order. So I called and spoke to Bradley. Super nice guy and a true second amendment supporter. He threw in two more of his superb adjustable rests for Florida Carry to raffle off. We’ll do that soon.

The cheek rest went on without a hitch and on the first try it put me dead on the scope with a relaxed and natural, but solid, cheek position. I cringe when I think of all of the polly sleeping pads I butchered and taped to get a just passable position on the stock of an M24… This is great!

I also picked up an Accu-Shot Monopod, just in case I eat the rice.


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