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More Florida Sheriffs Association Lies to the Legislature

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) claims that concealed weapons and firearms license holders will be able to evacuate with their firearms during a locally declared emergency. This is an outright lie.  The bill that the FSA opposes, HB 209, creates … Continue reading

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Florida Sheriffs Association Opposes RIGHT to BEAR Arms

Thursday March 27th 2014, the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) openly testified against Second Amendment rights to the Florida House Judiciary Committee saying, “In our opinion, there is a difference between owning a firearm and carrying one concealed on your person. … Continue reading

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Making the interwebz better by breaking it.

After a few days of the site being down, due ironically to an upgrade, we’re back online.  Just in time for some serious developments in the Florida RKBA fight.  We’ve been very busy bees at Florida Carry lately.  More to … Continue reading

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I think Florida Carry struck a few anti-gun nerves.

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Florida’s MAIG Mayors – Either ignorant or trying to continue a long tradition of civil rights violations

After finding a badly outdated and incomplete list of Florida MAIG mayors at another blog I decided to spend some time on the Mayors Against ilLegal Guns website pulling up all of the current Florida mayors listed on their rolls … Continue reading

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