Florida Carry Sues Eastern Florida State College

I spoke about it the other day, Eastern Florida State College Ignoring State Law | All Nine Yards.  We’re moving forward to protect student’s rights.


On February 3rd, 2014 Florida Carry, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Eastern Florida State College (EFSC), seeking a permanent injunction to protect the rights of students, faculty, and the public from the college’s illegal and unconstitutional regulations prohibiting firearms and weapons on all college property. Since 1987 the Florida Legislature has preempted firearms law and issued state-wide licenses to carry for self-defense.  In December Florida Carry won a similar case against the University of North Florida (UNF).  In Florida Carry v. UNF the First District Court of Appeal ruled that “The legislature’s primacy in firearms regulation derives directly from the Florida Constitution… Indeed, the legislature has reserved for itself the whole field of firearms regulation in section 790.33(1)…”


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