Eastern Florida State College Ignoring State Law

Here ya go EFSC, fixed that for ya.

The incident comes following a Florida appeals court ruling last week [over a month ago] that struck down a University of North Florida policy that banned keeping firearms in cars on campus.

Some [Just about all] Florida universities have since changed their policies to allow guns in cars on campus, but Eastern Florida State College has kept its ban in place pending a final court rehearing of [despite the irrefutable fact that the case has been final for over a month and no rehearing on the merits is pending, but we’re just ignoring] the UNF case[, the constitution, and state law].

Eastern Florida State College policy [illegally] prohibits weapons anywhere on its four campuses, with the following stated in the college’s governing policy manual and in the Student Code of Conduct:

“Students may not possess weapons while on college property law enforcement officers excluded. Weapons are defined as firearms, knives, explosives, flammable materials or any other items that may cause bodily injury or damage to property.”

via EFSC Statement on Palm Bay Campus Shooting | Eastern Florida State College.

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  1. John says:

    Well, just goes to show even a school of higher learning can be stupid.

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