Latest Orlando MAIG public records are in.

It seems that Florida’s public records laws were a little too much for NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-gun Mayors Against ilLEGAL Guns to bear. At the end of her one year contract, the former Orlando city employee who actually worked for MAIG became a direct employee of MAIG.

Our latest sunshine law request resulted in the disclosure of many thousands of emails.  It also did not include documents that we have obtained from other sources that should have been included.  Yes, we’re prepping another lawsuit now.

One phrase is notably missing from the vast majority of MAIG’s communications… “Self Defense” – The topic of Self-Defense is like kryptonite to the gun-banners. They don’t want to be in the same room with it, much less touch it.

They talk about ergonomic features such as pistol grips that empower crazy drug addicted gun owners to accurately spray mass murder. They lament that only Federal Gun Control will work in Florida due to firearms preemption and a Legislature that isn’t buying the BS they’re selling. Then they turn around and rail against federal interference in state concealed carry laws that would be cause by federally mandated permit reciprocity. The cognitive dissonance of MAIG employees who actually take a moment to ponder this must cause blinding migraines.

They laugh that gun rights groups typically put out emails with so much text while they employ snazzy graphics and few words in theirs.  Style Over Substance!  Perhaps this sums them up best.

I think we all want the right to survive despite the evil that others would do upon the innocent; the gun prohibitionists just can’t figure out that limiting or banning legal firearm ownership is not going to keep criminals from victimizing people.

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  4. BHirsh says:

    The purpose isn’t to keep criminals from victimizing people, it is to crush individuality and personal responsibility in order to foster a proletariat composed entirely of government dependents.

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