Call VA support hotline, lose your guns.

This weeks legal action is highlighted by new work to get an honorably discharged combat vet his guns back after they were taken by a Florida police department.  He was having a bad night and called a veteran’s assistance hotline for someone to talk to.  Instead of finding the sympathetic and understanding ear of a fellow vet, the VA hotline worker got the police to come and throw him in the funny farm.  The police officers also seized his firearms, bows, arrows, ammo and LBV.

One talk with the shrink was all it took for the doctor to determine that the vet was never a threat to himself or anyone else.  It was simply a veteran having a bad night.  Most combat vets seek out someone understanding to talk to about their experiences from time to time.  I have… it helps.


Now the police department refuses to give this man who has stood watch for our defense his guns back despite numerous previous court decisions and instructions from the Florida Attorney General that all instruct that his property should be immediately returned.

If you guessed that this is going to court, you were right.  We added a new consulting attorney to our cadre of capable Florida Carry legal resources who will be assisting in the case.  Details soon.

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7 Responses to Call VA support hotline, lose your guns.

  1. Don Neal says:

    where in Florida

  2. Erin Palette says:

    Seems to me that if the local police have refused an order by the state Attorney General, they are looking at far more problems than just a lawsuit to return property. In a just world this would result in the chief of police, and perhaps others in the department, being arrested by State Troopers.

  3. JeffJ says:

    What city in Florida? What police force? Who do we write/email/call?

  4. Sean Caranna says:

    Details will be coming as soon as I can. The court case needs to be filed first.

  5. Alana Crystina Page says:

    Please do pass on the information regarding the location of this incident. We would love to be able to support the Vet this happened to!

  6. Peter Armey says:

    Yes,please let us know where in Florida.I am an older Vet residing in Fl.I’ve had my share of problems in the past and still use the VA for all my mental health counseling.I’ve never been in trouble with the Law in my life but I would take great exception to being treated like this brother was.

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