Hunting Shotgun or Evil Tan Assault Shotgun?

After my mostly failed attempt to make things much more dangerous-er, I decided that the flaw must have been that the pistol grip and adjustable stock only make guns more dangerous.

So I started out with one of the most popular sporting shotguns ever made.

All decked out in Realtree hunting camo, this must have been the shotgun that everyone in Washington keeps telling me they won’t be messing with.

The the non-adjustable stock and round fore-grip pop off with no tools in about a 1/2 sec.
shotgun2Well, that’s covenant…  Easy cleaning and replacement of the plastics.  The shotgun itself remains the same.  just nothing to hold on to it with now…

shotgun3That could be a problem.  Better put the furniture back on.

Hey, wait, where did these come from?  Oh NO!  It’s a pistol grip, an adjustable stock, and an angled fore-grip!  Keep them away!  Help, Police!  ATF, CIA, Someone!!!  Help!

shotgun4Well, now I’ve gone and done it.  Even if I pop the fore-grip, the adjustable stock, and the pistol grip back off of my shotgun…  I’m screwed…

shotgun5You see, even if I take this:
shotgun3and make it look like this again:
shotgun1The gun ban proposals will still treat it like this:
shotgun5Because these more ergonomic parts were in the same room with it once:shotgun4Even if they never touched it, if you own both the firearm and any one of the ergonomic parts, you’re a criminal if the legislation proposed in DC gets passed.  It’s called “Constructive Intent”.

Of course, it’s all functionally still just this:
shotgun3No matter how you rearrange the furniture.

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