Oh, hey, look! I have a blog…

I should write things here from time to time…

The past few weeks have been absolutely ridiculous. When time gets tight the blog is usually the first sacrifice offered on the altar of Chronos.

But there is lots to discuss that has been happening.  Here’s a preview of upcoming topics from what has happened THIS week:

  • The guy who’s gun was taken by police due to a clerical error and they still won’t return it.
  • New FL supreme court case that may allow FL police to continue arresting lawful carriers for printing… “So, you have Concealed Carry License? Show it to the Judge.”
  • The guy who’s guns were surrendered to the Sheriff’s office by a family member and the SO wants a mental health evaluation before returning them.
  • The new FL case that allows police to break down your door and arrest you if they see you with a holstered handgun at your own home.
  • The violent felon who attacked a family in their car and had a gun pulled on him in self-defense…  Guess who is being prosecuted and faces a 3 year mandatory minimum jail sentence for aggravated assault. (Hint: It’s not the violent felon who attacked)
  • Still fighting to remove local anti-gun regulations statewide after a quarter-century of such rules being outlawed.
  • My experience last weekend taking the NRA certified pistol instructor’s course. (The NRA thinks I’m certifiable)
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3 Responses to Oh, hey, look! I have a blog…

  1. Erin Palette says:

    The new FL case that allows police to break down your door and arrest you if they see you with a holstered handgun at your own home.

    The FUCK??? I thought we lived in a free state!

    This is especially distressing to me as I open carry nearly all the time at home. (Interestingly enough, it’s helped with some hip and lower back issues. I sleep on my side with my right hip cocked upward, and the gentle weight of the gun pushes it back down over the course of the day.)

  2. SiGraybeard says:

    What she said (not the last paragraph).

    I thought all of these things were settled law. Why do we keep having to fight things that have been ruled on? I thought the local anti-gun regulations were going away as a result of the last sessions law fining local officials personally. And breaking down your door because you open carry in your house?!?

  3. Sean Caranna says:

    See the new post about the police state that we live in.

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