Despite Evil and In Spite of Fear, I Bear Arms!

The right to bear arms is about the right to survive despite the evil that others would do upon the innocent.

Unfortunately there are some who feel that there are no innocents in this world, that everyone is to be feared, and that nobody can be trusted.  The gun-haters stock in trade is feeding this paranoia against your fellow man.  Without their unreasonable fear mongering most gun-haters would be out of a job. Oh how they strain to make us believe that everyone is a potential murderer, or rapist, or terrorist…

Yes, there are bad people; but most people are inherently good.  It is those few exceptions that we arm ourselves against, those few people who would visit evil upon us without cause or warning that we resolve to keep back from our families and friends. We seek only to be free of such evil by being secure in the knowledge that the good are strong and able to meet force with the righteous application of force through an effective defensive means. We want nothing more than the opportunity to protect ourselves, our families, and our fellow-man should that horrible need ever arise in our presence.

Tragically, those who would debar even good people of the right to arms would through their success achieve nothing but to leave us paralyzed in mutual fear of one-another.  This has played out across the globe throughout history.  It is the undeniable result of disarming the peaceful populace and leaving them dependent on a hollow government promise of protection for in place of even basic self-defense.

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