Orlando MAIG Employee’s emails are making me physically sick

Today I received some of Orlando’s MAIG Gun Control Czar’s emails.  84 of them at a cost of $230.00. Something fishy about that low number of emails and I’m working to find out where her other emails and documents are being hidden.  That’s a subject for another post (soon).

Here is what has become immediately apparent:

It is absolutely clear that this Linda S. Vaughn gets her marching orders exclusively from MAIG and that she is lobbying on behalf of MAIG despite federal regulations prohibiting lobbying by a 501(c)3 charitable organization.

That MAIG is also attempting everything they can to show concealed carry licensees as dangerous and is lobbying to repeal concealed carry laws.

That MAIG is lobbying Hillsborough and Orange counties to institute ordinances to ban private firearm transfers at gun shows.

That MAIG is working with internal Brady Campaign documents and reports.

That MAIG is attempting to infiltrate church leadership as a top priority.

That MAIG is trying lobby for Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense laws to be repealed.


Here’s one of her emails sent right after the shooting of the Head of Jacksonville Episcopal School:

From: Linda Vaughn [XXX]
Sent: Thursday, March 08, 2012 12:19 PM
To:‘earl.jones@myflroida.gov’; ‘jackie.boyd@myflorida.gov’ (Office of State Representative Reggie Fullwood)
Subject:Jacksonville shooting

Hi Earl and Jackie,

Thanks so much for your willingness to help us get more information about the tragic shooting on Tuesday.

This is the information I seek:

  1. Confirm that the gun was purchased at a gun show and whether the sale was through a licensed dealer or a private seller.
  2. If there was any history of criminal activity or mental illness.

Jackie – thanks for the references to articles and reports and thanks in advance for sending me the media list.

If I am not able to get the information I need, then I would be asking if Rep. Fullwood would be willing to contact law enforcement for the information.  Law enforcement is usually willing to share information as long as it doesn’t impede there investigation – which we certainly would not want to do.

Also, a top priority for us is outreach to the faith community and I’ll be talking with you more about that in the very near future.  But, for now, could you please share with me the names of leaders within the faith community – especially within the Episcopal community I can contact?

Please let me know if you need or have any more information and I’ll keep you posted from my end.  Again, thanks so much for your help.


“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Linda S. Vaughn
Regional Coordinator
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

I got all of this from just skimming about 1/2 of the few email that I have received so far.

I feel like I need a shower after spending a couple of hours in this gun ban zealot’s email.

Stay tuned for more if your stomach can take finding out what exactly MAIG is doing with your tax dollars to make your guns, your right to defend yourself and right to defend your family illegal…

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  4. Rob Crawford says:

    What?! They’re not just against illegal guns?!

  5. Jeffer's son Ian says:

    But if they make guns illegal, only illegals will have guns!

  6. Jeffer's son Ian says:

    Of course they will get them from Eric Holder. Irony.
    I know. I can be a bit obtuse.

    BTW. My captcha words read “amen to this”

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