Sure it’s illegal, but we’re going to keep doing it!

That’s what the City of Leesburg’s City Manager has in effect said to Florida Gun Owners.

Leesburg City Manager, Jay Evans

Leesburg City Manager, Jay Evans

“Let’s not get over-zealous with the rhetoric.  The City of Leesburg is well aware of FS 790.33.

Any action taken in the future regarding the existence of these laws in our Code of Ordinances will be done at the discretion, pleasure, and timing of the Leesburg City Commission.”

Oh!?  following state law is discretionary for officials in Leesburg!?  Silly us, we thought that state law was… THE LAW.

He knows full well that the city’s gun-control ordinance is illegal under state law but still refuses to see to its repeal. How is a person supposed to know what ordinances to follow and what ordinances to ignore if the city knowingly publishes local laws that are themselves illegal?

It’s people like this that forced the State Legislature last year to add personal fines for violating its preemption of firearms law after 24 years of abuse by anti-gun politicians and bureaucrats.

Statewide, they’re on notice… Repeal your gun-ban laws and take down your anti-gun signs now before we have to force you in court.  If you make us sue you, we’re going to make you pay out of your own pocket.  It’s the law and we will have compliance.

Gun Group, Leesburg in Legal Shootout Over Weapons Law | Sunshine State News.

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