My crystal ball is tuned in… Kinda… XDs .45 Single Stack

I said it:

The XDm line still needs that to round out the offering.  I’m told that a single stack sub-compact XDs is coming.  I expect it to be a true single stack, more like the PPS or 1911 than a quasi-single stack like the Glock 36.  Gun development is not easy so nobody quite knows when it will be out yet.  I’m waiting…

Now here it is: XD-S – Springfield Armory USA … Even Sooner than I expected.

Springfield XDs .45 Single Stack

The XDs .45 Single Stack was announced at the Shot Show Media Shoot.  Every blogger but me (I had to work my day job) now has trigger time on it and the initial results are good!

Anybody want to buy a really nice Glock 36 that ALMOST turned me in to a hypocrite?

Glock Defection

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