Bill to Stop Dangerous Cubs Scouts and ROTC Who Terrorize Schools and Colleges

There is a dangerous menace from armed Cubs Scouts and College ROTC students, some of them military trained killers with war-zone experience,  terrorizing our schools and college campuses with lethal weapons of mass destruction.

Beware the “Common Pocket Knife”

Never Fear!!!  Florida State Representative Porth (D) of Coral Springs has filed HB 179 to disarm everyone of the evil “common pocket knife” at all Florida schools, colleges, school related events, and even bus stops.


I know I’ll feel safer when all of our highly effective “gun free zones” are also free of these sharp & pointy, pocket concealable, “common” assault knives.

Obviously those pro-civil rights zealots at Florida Carry are opposing this outstanding piece of legislation that truly solves one of the great sociatial problems of our time.

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