If it Flies, Floats, or Fu* umm… (fornicates).

Who in their right mind would put nearly $14,000 in to an engine overhaul for a 33-year-old, $25,000, 2-seat airplane?  These genesis are called airplane owners and I am one of them.

The good news is that my overhauled engine is done and ready to get my little Cessna 152 flying again!  The bad news is that now I need to overhaul the engine on my other plane.

I learned at an early age that anything that flies, floats, or fornicates is probably a bad investment.  Best to rent anything that could fall into those categories…

This knowledge has led me to purchase airplanes, boats, motorcycles, cars, guns, and high-end electronics.  The only investment I have made in these dangerous categories that has improved my financial situation is my marriage.  Getting Cindy to marry me despite knowing everything about me is my proudest accomplishment.

And like my wife, these bog boy toys have intangible value, they make me happy.  So I will continue throwing money into things that I like which have little chance of ever paying off, after all…  You can’t take it with you.

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4 Responses to If it Flies, Floats, or Fu* umm… (fornicates).

  1. North says:

    You have been blacklisted! (Gun Blog Black List)

  2. JOHN WALSH says:

    Yes but if it does two of those things like a float plane it will cost you double!

  3. I know the pain–TBO’d the O-300 three years ago. I love six-cylinder aircraft engines except at TBO time.

    My friends tell me that children are more expensive than any of my toys. I agree. I tell them that during the winter, my boat doesn’t cost me a dime when it’s been winterized and put up in the hangar. (I know that winterizing a boat is a foreign concept to you Floridians. . . ) The airplanes and hangar are paid off, only insurance on them, so again, when the flying is no good, the airplanes sit comfortably. Guns? No cost. Cameras? No cost.

    The wife?

    Let’s not go there.


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