Forget the clichés. Honor our troops.

Have you even been scared?   I mean each and every millisecond feels like it will be your last painful moment on this earth. This horror hits you one hundred times in each and every second until it passes, which may take hours or even days.

When true fear takes hold there is nothing, NOTHING worse.  Some people don’t survive it.

Be glad that there are people who willingly put themselves in these situations to protect you.  Trust me when I say that none of them truly know what they are signing up for, but over time, they do come to understand the weight of their duty and most rise to the challenge.

Last week I found myself speaking with a young Army Infantryman at the Atlanta airport while I waited for my flight.  I bought him a drink and found out that we was formerly in the 3rd Infantry Div.  This is the successor unit to my own first unit and it has continued to be at the vanguard of our mechanized force.  He had just completed his third combat tour.  At 22 years of age.

I literally just said “Welcome home, let my buy you a drink brother.”  Two minutes later we ware trading war stories.  Within five minutes we were both holding back tears and I found myself hugging a young man I had just met.  We both felt like helpless kids but we also both drew immeasurable strength from one-another.

The wounds never fully close, the brotherhood never dies, and your duty never ends.  Drive on and truly support the troops.

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